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Yoga, Pieter, 43 mins

All classes available via subscription

Class 9

Let's try something new today with former Rambert dancer Pieter Symonds' yoga class.
Together, you and Pieter will focus on an uplifting class to raise energy. You'll open and expand the front of your body, to create space and lift your energy up.
There will be light stretches, sun saluations and standing postures.

Today you'll need a yoga mat and two blocks, if you have them.


Length: 43 minutes


DoP - Tom Walder | Dan Löwenstein | Matt Perren 
Director - Daniel Löwenstein 
Assistant director - Kyle Stevenson
Camera operators - Tom Walder | Matt Peren | Max Edmed | Liam Smith
Sound recordists - Ben Turnball | Liam Cromby
Editor - Lucas Reid