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S1: E9 Julia Ravey & Aishwarya Raut

Super Humans Podcast

Calling all over-thinkers. Or perhaps you've suffered imposter syndrome...

In honour of International Day of Women & Girls in Science, 11 Feburary, this episode of our Super Humans podcast features soon-to-be Doctor of Neuroscience Julia Ravey in conversation with Rambert dancer Aishwarya Raut as they take a fascinating dive into how our brains work.

Julia is a neuroscience PhD researcher studying Alzheimer's disease with a passion for making science understandable. Alongside from her vlogging and blogging, Julia has worked as television presenting, most recently for BBC Bitesize, and is a writer for a worldwide learning community, Kwik Learning. 


Image credits:
Aishwarya Raut by Camilla Greenwell


Podcast recorded via Zoom

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