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S1: E8 Romola Garai & Edit Domoszlai

Super Humans Podcast

In this episode of the Super Humans podcast, Rambert dancer Edit Domoszlai and Film actress Romola Garai discuss their shared roots and what it takes to be a feminist in the entertainment industry.


For Edit, Romola was most recognisable for her turn (literally) in Dirty Dancing: Havan Nights, but you may know her from her starring roles in films such as Atonement, Amazing Grace and Suffragette, and television series EmmaThe Crimson Petal and the White and The Hour. Recently Romola has taken to directing and her directorial debut feature film, Amulet, was released this year.

Outside of her career, Romola has been a vocal advocate for women's rights in the entertainment industry, as well as the rights for parents returning to work. She is an embassador for PiPA (Parents in Performing Arts), an organisation Rambert works in alignment with, and International Rescue Committee (IRC).


Image credits:
Edit Domoszlai by Camilla Greenwell


Podcast recorded via Zoom

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