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Pilates, Pieter, 45 mins

All classes available via subscription

Class 44

Join Pieter in a new Pilates class, focussing on spinal lengthening and mobilising the shoulders and hips whilst opening and strengthening through the front of the body.
Pieter has created this class to be suitable if you're 60+, however, it is also great if if you wish to take it slow and controlled, looking closely at the basics of Pilates.

Participants may use a yoga block or cushion for comfort while seated and a towel or yoga belt for assistance if needed. 

Subtitles coming soon. 

Length: 45 minutes

Directors - Daniel Löwenstein of House of Create Films & Marie McGonigle
Camera operators - Kyle Stevenson
Sound recordists - Jimi Howell I Alex 
Editor - Liam Smith | Carl Russ Mohl/ Muphovi