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Dance for Over 60s: Contemporary Dance

All classes available via subscription

Class 2

Our second Rambert Home Studio beginner class designed for adults over 60 years. Dancing is a great way to improve your balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. And increase your overall sense of wellbeing.

All you need is a small space at home and we promise to leave you energised and inspired.


Length: 44 minutes

Teacher - Katie Mason
Class musician - Nicholas Hewlett


DoP - Tom Walder | Dan Löwenstein | Kyle Stevenson
Directed - Dan Löwenstein
Edited - Lucas Reid
Sound Recording - Liam Cromby


Lovely class

Hi, that was a lovely class. I'm not over 60, I'm a couple of weeks away from 50. I used to dance aged 4 up to 27/28, and then stopped, had many geological surgeries over the years, babies, more surgeries the most recent major surgery only two years ago. I have wanted to gently ease back into classes so the Home Studio for me is great. When I am feeling more confident I would like to also attend in person. This class I felt was wonderful. I wonder whether - as a suggestion - you should also aim it at peri-menopausal women (like myself) who have brain fog, get very over heated etc. I think it would be good to include them in this. Wonderful class and great teacher. Very easy to do at home in small space too. Well done all involved. And Nick!

Thank you

Thanks Kate for a very enjoyable class. I'm afraid that I'm well over 60 (71 :( ) but I'm lucky to have good health. I have the creaky joints of old age which weren't helped by the inactivity of lockdown. The exercises in the class are a perfect solution. I can stop for a rest the resume later. Also the Rambert home studio makes it possible for me to afford to do a class every day which would not otherwise be possible. A big thank you to everyone involved.