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Grey Matter from Studio to Stage


From studio to stage: Rambert2 Grey Matter, a creation from our Artistic Director Benoit Swan Pouffer

Grey Matter, the mass of neuronal cells that makes up around 40% of our brains, controls memory, speech and muscle activation. It allows us to move and think at the same time/ The brain is the part of the human body that takes longest to mature. Imaging studies have shown that grey matter continues to develop and grow until we reach our early twenties – the age of Rambert2 dancers. After our mid-twenties, the brain begins to decline.

“This is a very personal piece for me, about a person who loses sight of their memories, and about the community that grows around that person, giving them help and support, allowing them to live in the present.” Benoit Swan Pouffer

Choreography - Benoit Swan Pouffer
Music - GAIKA
Lighting Design - Lee Curran
Costume Design - COTTWEILER
Creative Associate - Edda Gudmundsdottir

To support our brilliant and daring Rambert2 dancers, you can make a donation. Your contribution can help develop the next generation of dancers and choreographers, supporting their professional development and prepare dancers for employment with internationally renowned dance companies.