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Contemporary for GCSE Dance Students

All classes available via subscription

Class 12

Try something new today and take Rambert dancer Max's class. You'll focus on movement of the spine; twists and ripples, excentuating the length in the spine and body. And just so you know, this class includes floorwork.

These classes will support the performance element of GCSE Dance, so get moving today.

Length: 45 minutes

Class musician - Sabio Janiak
Class assistants - Guillaume Quéau and Liam Francis 

Director - Daniel Löwenstein of House of Create Films 
Camera operators - Kyle Stevenson | Liam Smith | Tom Walder | Max Edmed | Marie McGonigle
Sound recordists - Jimi Howell | Liam Cromby
Editor - Lucas Reid | Carl Russ Mohl/ Muphovi