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Contemporary Fusion: Cuban Dance

Cuban Dance
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Class 14

Feel the feedom in Rambert dancer Miguel Altunaga's Cuban dance class. You'll explore Contemporary and Cuban in a fusion class as Miguel shares the type of dance he learnt growing up in Havana, Cuba.

By the end of the class, you'll have learnt about Cuban Salsa, or Baile de Casino, and you'll focus on isolations of the body and coordination alongside some energetic beats.


Length: 46 minutes

Class musician - Nicholas Hewlett
Class assistants - Naya Lovell and Simone Damberg Würtz


DoP - Tom Walder | Dan Löwenstein | Matt Perren 
Director - Daniel Löwenstein 
Assistant director - Kyle Stevenson
Camera operators - Tom Walder | Matt Peren | Max Edmed | Liam Smith
Sound recordists - Ben Turnball | Liam Cromby
Editor - Lucas Reid