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Contemporary Fusion: Caribbean Dance

Caribbean Dance
All classes available via subscription

Class 30

Ever wondered what it would be like to mix a different style with contemporary dance? Kym will show you how to mix it with Caribbean dance today. If you've taken Kym's class before, you'll be revisiting whining, but this class introduces new steps with more of an upper body focus with added footwork. If you're trying this for the first time, let's get right into it. We're sure you'll love it.

Length - 42 minutes

Class musician - Simone Sistarelli
Class assistants - Juan Gil & Antonello Sangiradi

Director - Daniel Löwenstein of House of Create Films 
Camera operators - Kyle Stevenson | Liam Smith | Tom Walder | Max Edmed | Marie McGonigle
Sound recordists - Jimi Howell | Liam Cromby
Editor - Lucas Reid | Carl Russ Mohl/ Muphovi