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Beginners Ballet


Class 1

For adults of all ages wanting to learn the basics of ballet technique, led by Rambert's Hannah Rudd. Whether you're an absolute beginner; aspire to perfect a grand jeté; or have distant memories of “good toes, naughty toes”.

Ballet is a great way to improve your posture, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and keep in shape.

Hannah loved meeting actor Simon Callow as part of our Super Human podcast series. Listen to their conversation here 


Length: 45 minutes

Suitable for 60+

Class musician - Nicholas Hewlett
Class assistants - Daniel Davidson and Jacob Wye


DoP - Tom Walder | Dan Löwenstein | Kyle Stevenson
Directed - Dan Löwenstein
Edited - Lucas Reid
Sound Recording - Liam Cromby


Adult basics lesson 1

The speed of delivery, lack of instruction and use of ballet vocabulary is not appropriate for a beginners adult lesson and certainly not for over 60s I teach older dancers and the speed of this delivery and lack of time to process and practice would exclude most beginner adults. I have danced for 35 years and taught for 20+ years and am struggling myself with knowing what we are expected to do. Slow down, explain, provide instructions / prompts during and repeat. Using a style other than command would also be very useful